1) What is James Chips return policy & how are purchased chips shipped?

James Chips offers a 14 day money back guarantee on all chips sold. If you don't like it let me know! With hundreds of thousands of private sales as well as ebay, conventions, etc. I have an extremely high percentage of very happy customers. I adhere by the CC&GTCC code of ethics. Chip(s) must be in the original James Chips holder and must not be altered in any way shape or form. Before returning please send an email notification to us at jvcampiglia@gmail.com.  James Chips reserves the right to refuse a refund if the chip is out of its original holder, or appears altered switched or damaged. Every chip is unique with their painted on inserts, many times a not perfectly aligned inlay, etc.

We ship through USPS and pack our chips in bubble mailers. If the chip is a $100 value or more we throw in a free air-tite holder. If you order more than a few chips, or we are behind in keeping up with our "same day payment is received, same day shipping" we will use a Priority mailer. For more expensive chips we use Registered Mail through USPS with built in insurance. And remember ALL shipping is free if purchased through James Chips!

2) Is Grading Important?

Extremely!  We feel condition is a very important aspect of determining a chips value. That is why James worked with the Casino Chip & Gaming Token Collectors Club to  developed the grading standards system as outlined in his book “The Official U.S. Casino Chip Price Guide.” Chips were made to be used, finding top condition chips from some casinos that used the same chips on the tables for years, can make a chip rare in itself. I take pride in using the grading system on my site here as well as ebay, and I mark many of the chip holders with a grade at the convention so you know what you are getting.  I wish more would learn and use the important grading standards when selling.

3) Can I Clean My Chips?

Yes, you can clean your casino chips.  Armor All Protectant will help with a toothbrush. Armor All Multi Purpose Cleaner we originally recommended is no longer on the market. Some chips need more help and a light dishwashing soap can help but with soap & water you risk drying the chip out and then you have to coat with the right oil. Don't clean the hot stamped C&J (shiny hats and canes) mold chips. The hot stamp easily can wash off. Email me for additional help if you have hard to clean chip issues.

4.) Rarity ratings- what they are about

Unique to our book, and a big boost to the hobby when we brought out rarity ratings in our book. This helps greatly with value and lets a collector know that some of the chips they seek are common, or very hard to find. Developed with help from Steve Wells we feel this was one important area in our hobby that was missing. With the over 40 years of combined collecting, seeing many major collections, attending all conventions, and dealing in chips; we were able to grasp what still exists. Some casinos made thousands of a certain denomination whereas a small town Nevada club might of just issued 100 chips. Over the years chips were destroyed sometimes by burying them under new casino towers, such as the Dunes. Rarely are they found again, but it happens, and they are usually in bad condition or encrusted in concrete.

Ratings drop a point, and population doubles. A box of chips, 100 is rarity 5.

Unique 1 chip.

R-10  2 to 3

R-9  4 to 7

R-8  8 to 15

R-7  16 to 30

R-6  31 to 75

R-5  76 to 150

R-4  151 to 350

R-3  351 to 750

R-2  751 to 2000

R-1  2000+


5.) Chip Collecting 101

This chapter in our book is covered on 5 well worth reading pages. This will offer the collector a lot of insider info. learned from years of collecting and dealing. Buy my book today and begin a more fun filled journey into collecting, with knowledge.

6.) How is the chip market since your last book?

Rarity and quality. Collectors still are avidly seeking those rare chips to fill in the blanks in their collections. Many rare chips though are not often found in the best condtion, some even being encased in lucite. Common chips, they wont change and the values are rather stagnant as there's plenty on the market.  Mid priced chips have come down somewhat in the last few years but 2012 is looking very promising in just the first few months. The real expensive chips, where values kept climbing from around 2006 to 2009, have been held onto. Not a lot of rare stuff has come out, unless privately sold, to challenge todays high end market. There has not many finds of rare chips other than Dunes & Palace Club roulettes in the plain mold. Some new colors came out, and some small quantities. A nice small town Nevada find was made in 2011 of Ray & Ruth's Stardust, Jackpot $5 & $25 chips. This brought chips out for collectors to fill in their type sets and add to their $5 or $25 collections. Previously a lot of Tropicana and Horseshoe chips were found from many issues and in many denominations. Although both remain popular there's enough to go around for many to own some.

We are seeing more Foreign interest through ebay. And as poker remains popular, as well as all gaming with new games being developed, people exposed to casinos and those with a bug for history, will find themselves interested in collecting chips and memorabilia. Our yearly Vegas convention always draws new collectors and much attention. Perhaps we are lacking articles and publicity lately though. When you tell someone you collect chips.. do you get an odd look? Show someone the excitement of these colorful pieces of clay and get a friend into collecting today!


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