$1 Las Vegas Chips

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Snads Hotel & Casino $1 Las Vegas NV. 1952-96. Rare older issue in lighter blue poker chip. SU+ $50/Free U.S. Shipping
Horseshoe Club $1 Las Vegas NV. 1951- 10th issue. New sharp scarce condition. $18/Free U.S. Shipping.
Nob Hill $1 Las Vegas NV. 1979-90. 1st issue. R-4. New Rare condition. $40/Free U.S. Shipping
Carousel $1 Las Vegas NV. 1965-74. Downtown. 1st issue, NEW-rare condition. $45/Free U.S. Shipping
MGM Marina $1 R-4. 1990 only. SU+ sharp. Free U.S. Shipping. $60.00


Sands $1 Last issue. 1952-96. Caribbean stud. New Free U.S. Shipping $20.00


Hacienda $1 4th issue. R-7. 1956-96. Almost New. Free U.S. Shipping. $300.00


The Town Tavern $1. 10th issue. R-2. 1955-2010 no live gaming. Closed. New find, super condition. Many used found. Free U.S. Shipping $20.00


New Brown Derby $1. 4th issue. R-4. Dark brown. SU. Free U.S. Shipping. $30.00


Fremont Hotel $1 2nd issue. R-5. 1956-. SU nice for this chip. Free U.S. Shipping $225.00


Don French's Bonanza $1. 3rd issue. R-4. 1965-67. North Las Vegas. New. Free U.S. Shipping $50.00


Golden Nugget $1 11th issue. R-2. 1946-. SU++ condition rarity. Free U.S. Shipping $60.00


Sands $1. 17th, R-1, 1955-96. Craps table chip. New. $20.00 Free U.S. Shipping.


Horseshoe Binions $1. 1951-2003. 10th issue. R-1. Hard to find. SU+. $20.00/ Free U.S. Shipping


Golden Gate $1 Downtown. 1956-  4 th issue,  R-6,  SU- nice one with small edge nick…$250.00/ Free U.S. Shipping


Four Queens $1. 1964- . 1st, R-4, SU- hard to find this sharp and with great color contrast. $250.00/ Free U.S. Shipping


Riviera $1 1955 4th issue R-8 C&J Sharp "New" edges. "Best possible example" small flake. $380.00/Free U.S. Shipping


Desert Inn $1 1950-2000 17th issue Poker R-6 New condition rarity. $80.00/ Free U.S. Shipping


Flamingo $1 1946 8th issue R-6 SU. $150.00/ Free U.S. Shipping


Hacienda $1 Gaucho 1956-90 5th or 6th issue Condition rarity! SU++ $40.00/ Free U.S. Shipping.

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