About James

James Campiglia is a writer, author, collector and the foremost expert on casino chips.  James wrote the book on casino chips, "The Official U.S. Casino Chip Price Guide" now in it's 4th edition.

The hunt for treasure and finding rare items is what gets James' excited.  He has a real passion for finding, collecting and selling casino chips and collectibles.

Collecting casino memorablia since his teen years, making many trips around Nevada and pursuing chips where he grew up in Vegas, led him to build a top notch collection. Wheeling and dealing came natural and to build great collections you need two things; tons of money or a way to keep upgrading until you have the best! James checks every chip he purchases against his collection to keep the best condition possible.

Knowing and dealing with the original chip collectors and learning all he could about Vegas history and chips led him to write articles for Gaming Times and Chip Forum magazines and later to author books. "It was the history first along with pictures and postcards. I was then wanting something more solid from the casino's. I began collecting dice and then traded those for a friends chip collection. I didn't stop there I was buying tokens, ashtrays (once having over 1400), paper memorabilia, just about everything!"

"When you think of Sinatra and Dean Martin you have to think they were throwing down chips in casinos like the Dunes and Sands.  We have chips from those casinos." - James Campiglia